Your Feedback Published

If you have read our charter or the previous page you will know of our commitment to publish all feedback on the cps group and its brands.  Whatever you think of us we are proud and happy to publish it so other people can get a real feeling for how we perform.

These are all of the comments we have received to date:

“I am very very happy with the service I have received, especially from you throughout Leanne (please feel free to pass this e-mail on to your bosses). CPS group are lucky to have you as you have given me an outstanding level of service throughout. Very pleased overall with CPS and everything that has been going on. Not only are you cheaper than all of the other companies, but you actually take a personal interest in your clients… the other umbrella agencies really could not care less, which makes me really pleased to be with you all!

Hope this finds you and the team well. Best wishes, Karl”

“Dear Ms Pearce

Thank you very much for this, but I would like to praise you and your company for this kind of efficiency and the prompt response to my request, I must say that I am impressed by the easy and simple way you have handled this case and I am very grateful for depositing the money in my account within a few hrs, once again I would like to thank you and I hope in the future and where ever I work I will insist on using your company as the favourite umbrella company to handle my payment.

Finally have a pleasant weekend and thank you.  Yours sincerely, Raied”

“Dear Lynne

Even though the mistake made was not your fault you graciously took it upon yourself to resolve it on my behalf – thank you.  I am now switching to a new agency because of their mistake and will make sure that you are able to continue to look after my payroll for me.

Best Regards, Gabriel”

“Dear Lynsey

I am sorry for shouting at you on the phone the other day after my pay was messed up I am so used to getting bad service from other providers I couldn’t help myself. I understand it was human error that didn’t allow my expenses to go through fully and that it has now been rectified. I appreciate you re-running my payroll on the same day and making the extra payment to my bank – that was a great help as I had bills to pay. Sorry again for shouting at you and thank you for your help.

Yours, Mehdi.”

“CPS was amazing to me from day one! I was actually enrolled with another provider who just didn’t pay me.

I was so thankful for Lynne, for her kindness and understanding, as by the time I spoke to her I had no money to pay my rent and I had just flown 1/2 way around the world to teach here. The whole company is set up so professionally and even when I have had to call for an inquiry, all the people that I have spoken to have been so helpful and they listen.

So thank you CPS, it was so great having you taking care of my wages each week.

Kind regards

Rowena Lee Brewer”

Hello Lynsey,

Sorry but I don’t have that work with CSS any more and have a permanent job.

Thanks very much for the wonderful service I received from CPS.

Best Regards,

Charles Eze

“You’re the best Leanne, it’s you that makes me tell agencies that I don’t want no one else handling my business 🙂

Yours Sincerely
Darren Shaw
Speaker, Trainer, Counsellor, hypnotherapist & NLP Coach”

“I would like to say that I have been very impressed with the work you have carried out for me in the past couple of months and it has left me feeling very satisfied with the recent service I have received from the CPS group.

Kind regards,
Mark Scullion”

“Just to let you know, I am currently in a permanent job. It is likely however, that I will return to locuming in the future and if I do then I will use CPS as I found the service excellent!

Best wishes


That looks really great, many thanks.

Thanks for all your help, really appreciated. Very glad we have signed up with yourselves, much more professional than our previous provider and really good service.

Kind regards

Howard “

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