It’s All About Choice

We all live with choice everyday – shall I have my latte tall, short, skinny, decaf, flavoured, iced, spiced or frappe? What crisps shall I have with my lunch – crinkle-cut, thick-cut, ridge-cut, square-cut, hand-fried or reduced fat? With so many choices it can get very confusing sometimes!

If everything comes in 57 varieties, making decisions becomes hard work without an expert on hand to guide you through the choices available.  There are slightly more than 57 varieties of contractor payment company out there right now as you have probably already noticed!! What will also have not escaped your eagle eye though is that very few of them offer any REAL choice of solution for you.

The large majority of them want you to use their umbrella solution and criticise those providing alternate solutions. Those that offer the alternate solutions criticise the umbrella solution. Aaargh!!

Don’t panic, here is the good news. We are here to make the frustration disappear and guide you expertly through the real choices that are out there. What we offer you here at the cps group is a brand, more importantly a brand you can trust.

So whether you like your jeans flared, cropped, skinny, bootlegged, straight, low-rise or bleached or you like to surf, chat, tweet, zap or poke we can give you the right choice of payment solution for you.

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