Do’s and Don’tsmaking your life easier is what we do

Rather than read through more lines of text telling you why we are so great, – we thought it would be better displayed by declaring what we do and just as importantly what we don’t do!

What we do What we don’t do
Listen to your needs Talk at you incessantly
Give you expert advice Patronise you
Present you with choices Force you to use a product you don’t need
Process your payments accurately Mess it up and blame other people
Use UK companies and UK bank accounts Route your money offshore so we can make significant savings for ourselves
Make the correct deductions for Tax and NI where applicable Convert income to loans to avoid paying tax
Pass on these deductions to HMRC promptly Keep hold of this money because the MD fancies a new Bentley say ‘oops we haven’t got the money’ when it is due and then either do voluntary administration or shut the company down and start again the next day under a new name!!!
Look after you unconditionally at all times Forget about you after you have signed up because we are getting your money regardless
Resolve your queries the same day that they are raised Ignore your calls and send random emails that don’t make sense
Listen to and respond to your feedback Disregards your comments and carry on regardless

Believe it or not, whether you have experienced it personally or not, there are still many companies in existence that think that the right hand column is the right way to operate or don’t care that it shouldn’t be!

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