Whether you’re a lifelong Contractor or this is the first time you have ever worked under a temporary contract then using an Umbrella Company such as your umbrella from the cps group is an extremely simple and straightforward option for you to choose.

In its simplest form, an umbrella company acts as the employer for independent workers such as you engaged under temporary contracts, most often through an employment/recruitment agency, but also directly with end user clients, for the purpose of enabling you to reduce your Tax and NI liabilities through the offsetting of legitimately incurred business expenses to enjoy a higher take-home pay.

As an employee of your umbrella, we make sure that you are really looked after throughout your time with us. Here are some of the key benefits:-

So if you like the idea of a payroll service where you maintain your employment rights but benefit from increased take home pay with the freedom to choose when and where you work then an umbrella company is the ideal solution for you.

We make the process quick, easy and hassle free so you can get on with the more interesting things in your life!

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