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If you are considering or have chosen to take the route of operating through your own Limited Company (PSC) as a Contractor then it is imperative that you choose the right Contractor Accountant to support you.

Whilst many contractors think it’s an effective use of their time to manage their books and accounts, this more often than not turns out to be very costly decision not only financially but in time. By having a professional contractor accountant working with you, such as your psc from the cps group, you can easily offset the costs you incur as a result from both the money and the time that will be saved by our professional knowledge and experience in providing limited company services.

Not all contractor accountants are created the same and the local accountant on the high-street may be the most recognisable BUT may not be the most suitable because of their lack of experience in providing limited company services to specialist contractors and their per hour pricing structures. We would always recommend choosing a firm of contractor accountants like your psc that specialise in or have strong experience in dealing with freelancers and contractors as they are more in tune with what is required for the sector.

When deciding on a new accountant it’s important to make sure you find out exactly what is included in the price and what services they will be providing. Some accountants that offer their services to contractors will offer very low monthly fees but charge disproportionately for many extra services such as IR35 Assessments and Contractor Mortgage applications.

At your psc we understand that one solution doesn’t always meet the needs of everyone, so we have options for you to pick from – with NO HIDDEN EXTRAS! 

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