CIS Services

If you are self-employed and work in construction then you have the potential to benefit from the Construction Industry Scheme and our CIS services are designed just for you.

This scheme is designed to ensure that only the correct amount of tax is taken each week that you work, according to your tax status with HMRC, and that you are able to claim a tax rebate at year end by using our Tax Return Services.

By engaging with your cis from the cps group we can help you to get set-up with this scheme and make the most of the greater financial flexibility and freedom it brings to increase your take home pay.

Benefits of your cis

Don’t worry though, if you are not sure whether self-employment is your cup of tea, the cps group also provides an employed PAYE umbrella service called your umbrella.

We make the process quick, easy and hassle free and using our services each week could not be easier – leaving you to get on with doing the more interesting things in your life!

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