cps business insurance

Mistakes happen, whether you are at fault or not, so it is important that you make sure that you get protection against any claims made by your agency/end client.  Because we know all about this we have put together a comprehensive package of liability insurance for contractors so that you have all the protection you need.   Something else us nice folks here at the cps group have done to make your lives so much easier.  

Working with the cps group through your umbrella, your sole trader or your cisautomatically entitles you to benefit from

However, because self-employed people may need their own business insurances or your particular contract may need a different type of cover we have the expertise in-house to have a chat with you about your options when it comes to insurance.

Limited Company Insurances

If you’re running your own limited company through your psc then you’ll need your own business insurances to protect you against claims, as you contract with the agency directly through your personal service company. Don’t worry though as we have pulled out all the stops and negotiated a great deal for you with our insurance business partners Caunce O’Hara which will add only another £20 per month to your package costs. A small additional cost to your monthly package that means you can enjoy all the cover that you will need. Oh and don’t forget that insurance is a genuine business expense that you can offset the costs of against your tax bill at year end.  As ever we’ll talk you through the options when we speak with you in detail.

Personal Accident Cover

OK so the above insurances protect you from claims from other parties but what about protecting yourself if you have an accident and can’t work. Now, whilst we don’t like to think about nasty accidents it is important that you cover all eventualities.  We have also negotiated a great deal with our insurance business partners to provide you with personal accident cover that will add only £2.50 per week to your costs.  Call us and let us talk you through the policy benefits, and if you like what you’re hearing, we’ll go from there. 

You can obviously source your own insurance cover – after all with the cps group it’s all about your choice – however having done all the hard work for you already in order to find the best deal you really don’t have to. 

To find out more about insurance cover you can call us on 0844 854 5230, request a call back or use the live chat facility on this page.

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