What are the Regulations to be aware of?

Service providers such as the cps group adhere to the Regulations that exist within the confines of Employment Law and Taxation Law as laid down by the Government and HMRC respectively.

The industry itself does not have its own regulatory body and therefore operates without licence and controls in place.  If any service provider claims to be regulated by anybody then they are not being entirely truthful with you!

There are a number of advisory companies out there that, for a large price to the service provider concerned, will rubber stamp their procedures as compliant following a review. As there are a growing number of these companies setting up in the marketplace now it is making it very difficult for Recruitment Companies to know the value that they have as they are effectively competing against one another.  In the same way that Recruiters have REC, APSCO, ARC and IOR competing in very much the same space too.

What can be conclusively stated is that all service providers do have to adhere strictly to existing legislation as part of their service offering within Tax and Employment Law including but not restricted to the following:-

There are many other areas of concern for Recruiters and therefore the Managing Director of the cps group regularly goes out to meet with Owners/Directors of Recruitment Companies to advise on current and proposed legislation and how it affects all parties in the supply chain.

To find out more about these regulations and how service providers should be operating under them then please click on the links above or browse through the pages elsewhere in this section and in our knowledge centre.



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