Know How

Collectively here at the cps group we have over 40 years of Industry Knowledge behind us and we’re not finished yet.

Throughout our careers we have seen and done it all, from the early days of Composite Companies to the implementation and consultation of IR35, MSC and the birth of Umbrella. The staff we take on are the best and all have a diverse skill set ready to take up any new challenge. From sales to compliance, after care and administration, we have the history and experience to deal with whatever may get thrown at us by way of a challenge.

Many of us have managed or worked in the Recruitment Industry, possessing invaluable empathy and experience only gained from doing the job. We understand your needs, and this sets us apart from many of our competitors who don’t fully understand the importance of a quick contractor turn around and a slick payroll provider.

In an ever changing market we know that when it moves, we move. Our diverse backgrounds and specific skill sets and constant consultation with industry and legal experts guarantee a safe and profitable relationship.

We have learnt and dealt with all possible scenarios and come through the other side undeterred, always ready to offer the right products at the right price. This background serves us well in pushing through our next Industry challenges and motivates us as ever, to stay ahead of the rest.

Our innovative strategy is to offer a full range of Payroll Products to the contractor, ensuring no matter what the circumstances, the Contractor is always working in
the most tax  efficient way possible. This way of working has allowed us to give the Contractor back the choice that they so rightly deserve.

More importantly we have learnt through experience that the worker should not be railroaded into one product by less flexible providers. Remember, not one product fits all!

Our know how has lead us to create our full suite of services – yourumbrella, your cis, your sole trader and yourpsc – what more could they possible want?

So come with us as we push on through the masses of mislead and disgruntled Contractors and support us in giving them what they deserve – Freedom, Choice and Security.

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